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Gordon Atlantic is an Economic Development Catalyst in Communities Worldwide.
The Firm

Next Generation Economic Development.

Gordon Atlantic, as a United Nations Global Compact participant, is an aspirational economic development company dedicated to the enhancement of the human experience and the strengthening of the quality of life of communities through the creation of prolific civic assets and opportunities.

The company’s primary focus is capital transfer of margins derived from global petrochemical and securities transactions into the implementation of impactful job-creating projects that leverage its unique expertise in the media, transportation, and real estate arenas. Gordon Atlantic finds itself naturally involved in the following sectors: sports, entertainment, leisure, creative retail, transportation infrastructure, urban redevelopment, as well as film, the arts, and digital entertainment.  

The company chooses to pursue projects in countries where it has identified key opportunities to make a difference: Australia, the Bahamas, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

Gordon Atlantic provides global concierge economic development services within its focused industrial segments for private clients worldwide.

Our History
2014First Urban MagLev in Europe.

Gordon Atlantic brings together KIMM/Hyundai-Rotem and National Speed Ways to build first urban MagLev in Europe.

2012Opens Hong Kong Office

Gordon Atlantic incorporates Gordon Atlantic Development Hong Kong, Ltd.

2008Achieves First $165/£99 million Loan Offer

Gordon Atlantic achieves first $165/£99 million loan offer for a self-produced project from Royal Bank of Scotland.

2007Hurricane Katrina Regeneration

Gordon Atlantic provides new economic development strategies for the Unified New Orleans Plan after Hurricane Katrina.

2004Harlem Community Re-Development

Gordon Atlantic opens in Harlem USA to engage in community redevelopment projects.

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Gordon Atlantic is a job-producing economic development catalyst throughout the world, and provides the same expertise for others on a concierge services basis.
Economic Development Catalyst
Gordon Atlantic is committed to the promotion of neutral economic development around the world within the framework of the United Nations Global Compact with regard to Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption policies. In addition to facilitating global energy requirements, we look to pursue next generation projects that enhance the human experience and promote tomorrow’s economy in our areas of expertise. We are committed to job creation, effective project valuations, and providing a “voice to the voiceless” through film, the arts, and digital entertainment.
Gordon Atlantic is committed to fair and responsible economic development, and is pleased to offer its expertise to help bring sound economic development projects to fruition. We favor large-scale projects that produce civic assets and create new jobs. We package concierge economic development projects in our own livery exclusively. We insist on a reasonable projection of long-term valuation based on current market and industrial data. We leverage our relationships with leading professionals to reduce implementation risk. We are able to engage projects globally.
Economic Development Philosophy
Gordon Atlantic is committed to the encouragement of economic development in “Main Street” communities across America, as well as emerging economies globally. We strive to comply with the most rigorous international financial markets practices. We believe “green” is the new “beige”, and act as everyday environmental stewards. We believe in an economy inclusive of all people. We believe in giving back by supporting construction-based community-inspired projects and scholarships that allow others to participate in economic development.
Our Goals
95% Complete GA CIF · 95%
55% Complete GA Film EDF · 55%
15% Complete GA 10 Year EDF · 15%
Pertinent Information

Over the years, Gordon Atlantic has developed a proprietary approach to economic development projects. Gordon Atlantic self-created projects, and Concierge Economic Development private client projects that incorporate outside investors must be able to demonstrate that the total cost of development divides into the first or second year projected valuation at an 11% cap rate based on reasonable data at least one time. The only exception to these requirements, are long-term leaseback healthcare projects. Gordon Atlantic currently consolidates margins derived from the sale of registered securities or petrochemical transactions into its consolidated investment fund (CIF) – which is the primary vehicle for self-created project investment that meet the minimum valuation requirements stated above.

Having discovered worthwhile economic developments that do create jobs unable to meet Gordon Atlantic’s strict outside investor valuation criteria, the firm set about to establish a new type of economic development fund (EDF). When complete, the new EDF will allow projects to be pursued that allow for a valuation realization over a 10-year period. Gordon Atlantic CIF and EDFs are private, firm-owned and controlled resources that do not allow and will not allow outside investor or public participation at any stage. The EDF is still a work in progress. A separate EDF for global film production will also be established.

Gordon Atlantic Hong Kong, Ltd is the parent company of all Gordon Atlantic companies including the founding company, Gordon Atlantic USA, Inc. Gordon Atlantic has simplified royalties with regard to petrochemical or securities transactions. For current petrochemical or securities margins a 25% royalty will be applied to the origin and/or closing office of Gordon Atlantic. With theexception of transactions that originate or close in Hong Kong, Gordon Atlantic Hong Kong, Ltd is entitled to a 25% royalty of all transactions globally. Gordon Atlantic USA, Inc., the founding company, maintains specific royaltyrights. Transactions supported by Republic of India-owned or based banks, despite their global location, are subject to at least a 25% Gordon Atlantic All India, Ltd royalty. Royalties are applied only to profits after costs.

William Hyatt Gordon was born in New York City, and emerges from a family of visionaries that built castles 900 years ago, established a tobacco trade in America 275 years ago, and pioneered everyday awareness of heart disease in the 1950s. Seeing himself in others led him to establish Gordon Atlantic as an economic development catalyst around the globe. William practices management-by-inspiration and encourages self-actualization amongst those around him. He commits himself to issues of his generation – promoting an inclusive global economy, fostering environmentalism, and seeking an end to HIV/AIDS. William is an avid kayaker, skier, surfer, and yoga practitioner.

William is a United States Green Building Council – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (USGBC-LEED) Accredited Professional. He obtained professional certifications in Real Estate Development and Construction Management at New York University. William completed a doctoral program in Global Management with Dr. Nancy Bord Yonge, as his dissertation advisor at Frederick Taylor. He earned an MBA in Financial Management at National University in La Jolla, California. William is a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, as well as, the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, California. He is a member of leading professional organizations that support economic development.


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